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23m telescopic boom aerial work platform

In many industries such as modern construction, maintenance and rescue, aerial work platforms are key equipment to ensure work safety and efficiency. Among them, the 23-meter telescopic arm self-propelled aerial work platform has won widespread praise in the industry for its excellent performance and stable operation.

    Product Description

    First of all, this aerial work platform has a maximum working height of 23 meters, which allows it to easily reach various high-altitude working points, whether it is the external maintenance of the building or the installation and maintenance of internal equipment, it can be efficiently solved. The maximum platform height reaches 21 meters, which not only provides sufficient working space for workers, but also ensures their safety when working at high altitudes.

    The overall dimensions of the platform are designed to be very reasonable, with a length of 7.15 meters, a width of 2.49 meters, and a height of 2.77 meters. This compact structure not only facilitates transportation and storage, but also makes it flexible to operate in small spaces. Whether on a busy city street or a tight jobsite, it can get up and running quickly.

    In addition to its dimensional parameters, the load-carrying capacity of this aerial work platform is also excellent. Its rated load reaches 300 kilograms, which means it can carry multiple workers as well as necessary tools and equipment, meeting the diverse needs of high-altitude operations. At the same time, the platform’s operating bucket (Bucket) is designed to be spacious and comfortable, with a length of 1.83 meters and a height of 0.76 meters, providing sufficient working space for staff.

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    In terms of mobility, this aerial work platform also performs well. It adopts a self-propelled design and is equipped with a powerful drive system and a flexible steering system, allowing it to freely shuttle through various complex terrains and road conditions. Its maximum driving speed reaches 5.2 kilometers/hour, ensuring the ability to quickly reach the job site. At the same time, its maximum climbing ability reaches 30%, allowing it to maintain stable driving even on rugged mountain roads or steep slopes. In addition, the platform’s wheel pump swing height reaches 200 mm, allowing it to easily cope with the challenges of uneven ground.

    In addition, this aerial work platform also has a variety of safety protection functions. It is equipped with an automatic leveling system to ensure that the platform remains stable even on uneven ground. At the same time, it also has emergency stop and emergency descent functions, which can quickly take measures to protect the safety of workers in the event of an accident. In addition, the electrical system of the platform has also been carefully designed and adopted waterproof, dustproof and shockproof designs to ensure reliability and stability in various harsh environments.

    In short, the 23-meter telescopic arm self-propelled aerial work platform has become an indispensable aerial work equipment in many industries such as modern construction, maintenance and rescue due to its excellent performance, stable operation and excellent load capacity. Whether in urban or rural areas, it can provide workers with safe and efficient support for high-altitude operations.


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