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27m Telescopic Boom Aerial Work Vehicle

    Basic Info

    27m telescopic boom aerial work vehicle usually consists of the following main parts:
    1. Chassis: As the foundation of the entire vehicle, it provides driving and supporting functions. The type and performance of the chassis will affect the stability, passability and carrying capacity of the vehicle.
    2. Telescopic boom structure: This is the key part to achieve aerial work. It consists of multiple retractable boom sections, driven by hydraulic or electric systems, and can be extended and retracted to achieve different working heights and distances.
    3. Working platform: Also known as the hanging basket, it is the area where the operator stands and works. It is usually equipped with guardrails and safety devices to ensure the safety of personnel.
    4. Hydraulic system: used to drive the telescopic boom to extend and extend, change the amplitude, and the lifting and rotation of the working platform. The performance of the hydraulic system directly affects the operating accuracy and stability of the work vehicle.
    5. Power system: including the engine and transmission system, which provide power for the vehicle's travel and operation.
    6. Control system: including operating handles, control panels and electronic control systems, etc., through which operators control various actions and functions of the vehicle.
    7. Outriggers: Extend during operation to increase the stability and support of the vehicle and prevent the vehicle from tilting or shaking.
    8. Safety devices: such as overload protection, anti-rollover device, emergency braking system, wind speed alarm device, etc., to ensure safety during operation.
    These components work together to enable the 27-meter telescopic boom aerial work vehicle to complete various tasks safely and efficiently in a high-altitude environment.

    rive mode rear drive Number of boom sections  5
    Braking method oil brake Big arm shape Eighteen sides
    total mass 4990kg Leveling system Hydraulic automatic
    Outrigger X Operation method Remote control /  manual

    1. The automatic interlocking device for getting on and off the vehicle is used to interlock the getting on and off the vehicle to prevent danger caused by misoperation.
    2. Automatic emergency pump: When the main pump fails, the emergency system can send workers back to the ground
    3. Working platform emergency stop device is used for emergency stop operations and restricts boom operations
    4. Automatically limit the working range. When the working range reaches the specified value, the dangerous direction will be automatically limited.
    5. When the outriggers are not supporting the ground (soft legs), the lifting boom will restrict work in dangerous directions.
    6. Nighttime safety warning devices include engineering strobe lights and LED lighting on the vehicle.
    7. Square hydraulic outriggers have stronger bearing capacity and more stable ground support than traditional hydraulic outriggers.
    8. The eighteen-sided working arm has higher stability and can withstand greater loads.

    Chassis optional: SINOTRUK, JMC, Foton,
    The telescopic arm supports customized color changes embroidery
    Basket sizes are optional, with a maximum load of 400kg
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