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30.5m Aerial Work Vehicle, Telescopic Arm Manned Lifting Platform, Support Modification

Chassis optional: SINOTRUK, ISUZU,JMC, FOTON

The telescopic arm supports customized color changes embroidery

Basket sizes are optional, with a maximum load of 400kg

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    Product Description

    This car reaches a height of 30.5 meters and provides excellent vertical and horizontal extension functions, making it easy to enter even the most challenging work areas. Its sturdy structure and advanced technology ensure stability and safety, providing a secure platform for you to work at any height. At the same time, it is equipped with a spacious and ergonomic work platform, providing ample space for tools, equipment, and personnel.

    Functional characteristics

    1.The automatic interlocking device for getting on and off the vehicle is used to interlock the getting on and off the vehicle to prevent danger caused by misoperation.

    2. Automatic emergency pump: When the main pump fails, the emergency system can send workers back to the ground.

    3. Working platform emergency stop device is used for emergency stop operations and restricts boom operations.

    4. Automatically limit the working range. When the working range reaches the specified value, the dangerous direction will be automatically limited.

    5. When the outriggers are not supporting the ground (soft legs), the lifting boom will restrict work in dangerous directions.

    6. Nighttime safety warning devices include engineering strobe lights and LED lighting on the vehicle.

    7. Square hydraulic outriggers have stronger bearing capacity and more stable ground support than traditional hydraulic outriggers.

    8. The eighteen-sided working arm has higher stability and can withstand greater loads.

    Product advantages

    This high-altitude work vehicle is designed to achieve maximum reliability and performance, capable of withstanding harsh working environments. Its durable structure and low maintenance design ensure long-term durability and cost-effective operation, providing a solid return on investment for your business.

    Experience the power and versatility of a 30.5-meter high-altitude work vehicle, taking your work to new heights. Whether you are dealing with high-rise building projects, maintaining industrial facilities, or conducting aerial inspections, this car is the ultimate tool to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity. Invest in future high-altitude operations using a 30.5-meter aerial work vehicle to elevate your work to a new level.


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