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38-ton crawler knuckle arm crane, source factory, supports customization

It is a heavy-duty lifting equipment with strong lifting capacity and wide range of application scenarios. The following is a detailed introduction to the 38-ton crawler knuckle boom crane

    Production process

    The 38-ton crawler knuckle-arm crane is a heavy-duty hoisting equipment that uses a crawler-type traveling mechanism and a knuckle-type boom. It has strong lifting capacity, with a maximum lifting capacity of 38 tons, which can meet the lifting needs in complex environments such as large projects, mines, and ports. At the same time, its unique folding arm design allows it to work flexibly in narrow spaces, improving work efficiency.
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    Product features

    Powerful lifting capacity: The 38-ton crawler knuckle arm crane has powerful lifting capacity and can easily handle the lifting tasks of various large and heavy items.

    Crawler-type traveling mechanism: The crawler-type traveling mechanism enables the hoisting to move forward steadily even on muddy and rugged ground, ensuring the construction progress.

    Folding arm design: The folding arm lifting arm allows the equipment to operate flexibly in narrow spaces, improving work efficiency.

    High stability: The equipment has reasonable design and stable structure, and can maintain stable working condition in various harsh environments.

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    Application scenarios

    The 38-ton crawler knuckle boom crane is widely used in the following scenarios:

    Construction site: used for hoisting heavy construction materials, such as steel beams, prefabricated components, concrete slabs, etc., to improve construction efficiency.

    Port terminal: used for loading and unloading large cargo, such as containers, heavy machinery and equipment, etc., to ensure fast and efficient loading and unloading of cargo.

    Mining: used for loading and unloading of mining equipment, ore and other large materials to maintain efficient operations.

    Use and maintenance

    Precautions for use: Before using the 38-ton crawler knuckle boom crane, equipment inspection must be carried out to ensure that all functions are normal. At the same time, only operators who have received professional training and hold relevant certificates can operate the equipment. During use, the rated load limit of the equipment must be strictly observed and overloading is not allowed.

    Maintenance: Clean and lubricate the equipment regularly to ensure normal operation of the equipment. When cleaning, dust, mud and other debris on the surface should be removed, and attention should be paid to cleaning the hydraulic system, electrical system and mechanical components. During the lubrication process, ensure that the lubricant is evenly coated on each lubrication point.

    Market Prices and Suppliers

    The market price of a 38-ton crawler knuckle arm crane varies depending on factors such as brand, configuration, origin, etc. Generally speaking, the price of equipment produced by regular manufacturers is relatively high, but the quality is more guaranteed. When purchasing, it is recommended to choose a strong supplier, such as Jining Jiubang Engineering Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., to ensure the performance of the equipment and after-sales service.

    In short, the 38-ton crawler knuckle boom crane is a heavy-duty lifting equipment with powerful functions and wide application scenarios. During use, attention should be paid to safe operation and maintenance to extend the service life of the equipment and improve work efficiency.


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