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4.5-ton telehandler, source factory, customized production, OEM support

Also known as a telehandler, it is a multi-purpose forklift with off-road capabilities and telescopic arms. The telescopic arm is a key component for cargo entry and exit operations, and is mainly composed of a fork arm and a telescopic handle. When the handle rises, the hydraulic system increases pressure to the inside of the fork arm, thereby generating thrust to extend the fork arm outward; conversely, when the handle drops, the hydraulic system reduces the pressure, causing the fork arm to gradually contract. This design makes the forklift more flexible when handling goods and can adapt to various working environments and cargo sizes.

    performance parameters

    Jiubang forklift adopts a new ergonomic cab and an overall open hood, which is stronger and more beautiful.

    The transmission is stable and reliable, equipped with Cummins engine, rated power 82kw, strong power;

    Imported telescopic arm forklift special bridge box,

    The world's top fully hydraulic wet braking system ensures smooth and reliable braking and ensures driving safety.

    It has the lateral leveling function of the frame and has strong site adaptability to meet the needs of complex working conditions.

    Optional torque limiting system to meet the requirements of extreme working conditions and ensure the safety of the entire machine

    Various machines such as forks, aerial platforms, buckets, and clamps can be configured to meet the individual needs of users.

    The maximum lifting height is 16.7 meters, leading the industry.

    The speed can reach up to 35km/h, and it is maneuverable and flexible.

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    Product Application

    The main functions of a telehandler include transporting, moving, and loading and unloading cargo. It can be used in a wide range of application scenarios such as warehouses, docks, factories and construction sites. Jiubang forklifts can not only lift goods and move them between different heights, but they can also operate in narrow and crowded spaces, moving goods accurately to the desired location. Additionally, because telehandlers can move cargo quickly and efficiently, cargo handling and efficiency can be significantly improved.

    Product Application (2)ire

    Product advantages

    The telescopic arm of a telehandler has unique advantages. It can not only move up and down, left and right, but also extend forward and backward, making it more flexible when handling goods and adaptable to various working environments and cargo sizes.

    Telehandlers provide efficient, safe and convenient solutions for handling, stacking and loading of goods. They are indispensable and important equipment in engineering construction, logistics and transportation and other fields.


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