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4-ton truck-mounted crane, customizable chassis, flexible operation, customized cargo box

It is composed of a lifting arm, a turntable, a frame, an outrigger and other parts, and realizes lifting operations through the movements of luffing, telescopic, rotating, winching and other mechanisms. It is a special vehicle widely used for hoisting and transporting infrastructure materials and other equipment such as municipal construction, coal mine engineering, and landscaping.

    4 ton crane (16)rn4

    The chassis of the 4-ton truck-mounted crane can be optionally installed with a variety of cabs. The boom is made of Baosteel, and the connection method is welded. The ground clearance height and cross-sectional dimensions of the rear protection are in compliance with relevant standards. Its main features are large leg span, good operating stability, smoother expansion and contraction of the hexagonal boom, and greater strength. It is equipped with imported multi-stage telescopic cylinders and multi-section arms, allowing users to choose from a variety of options. At the same time, the oil line interface is a card sleeve type, which will never leak, and the upper seat operation has a better view. The multi-way outrigger control valve allows the outrigger cylinder to be adjusted individually, which is convenient and fast.


    This kind of truck-mounted crane is not only flexible in operation, can be operated left and right, rotated 360 degrees forward and backward, and can also rotate in all directions, it also has reliable quality, long life and fast working speed. It has strong lifting capacity and can meet various lifting needs. At the same time, it has strong adaptability and can work stably in various harsh environments.

    The specific parameters and configurations that support customization may vary, such as engine horsepower, dimensions, total mass, cargo box size, etc. Therefore, when choosing to buy, you need to compare and choose based on actual needs and budget.

    In general, Jiubang 4-ton truck-mounted crane is a lifting and transportation equipment with powerful functions, flexible operation and strong adaptability, which is widely used in various infrastructure projects and logistics transportation fields.

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