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40KV insulated arm live work vehicle

An insulator arm is a special vehicle designed specifically for live work. The main feature of this vehicle is its insulating arm, which has extremely high insulation strength and thus meets the requirements of live work. During operation, the surroundings and bottom of the operator are protected by the insulation layer, which increases the safety of live work.

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    The main functions of the insulating arm live work vehicle include replacing line poles and towers, replacing wires, busbars and overhead ground wires, cleaning and replacing insulators, flushing insulators with water, crimping and repairing wires and overhead ground wires, detecting and replacing defective insulators, testing and replacing isolating switches and Lightning arrester, test the temperature rise and dielectric loss value of the transformer, repair the circuit breaker, filter and refuel the oil, clean the wires and lightning protection wires and apply anti-corrosion grease, etc. During the entire process, the insulated arm live work vehicle can be operated with electricity.

    The insulation system of Jiubang insulated arm live work vehicle includes insulation material, insulation structure and insulation detection system. Insulating materials can effectively isolate high-voltage lines and ensure that construction workers will not receive electric shock due to contact with high-voltage lines. The insulation structure is to install insulation devices in various parts of the vehicle to ensure that the entire vehicle can effectively isolate high-voltage lines. The insulation detection system is used to monitor the working status of the insulation system. Once a fault in the insulation system is found, it can alarm in time and take corresponding measures.

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    In addition, the insulated arm live work vehicle also has the characteristics of high operating efficiency and multiple work projects. It has high flexibility and can quickly send workers to the best working position to complete the work in the shortest time.

    In general, the insulated arm live work vehicle is a very important piece of equipment in the power industry, which can greatly improve the safety and efficiency of live work. However, when using such vehicles, strict compliance with relevant operating procedures and safety standards is also required to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.


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