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8-Ton Truck-Mounted Crane

The truck-mounted crane is a powerful heavy-duty mechanical equipment that can easily handle various lifting tasks. Jiubang's truck-mounted crane is flexible and convenient. It is equipped with a driving function and can move freely between different construction sites to adapt to various hoisting scenarios. Its lifting arm is made of high-strength materials to ensure sufficient load-bearing capacity and stability during the hoisting process. With its strong carrying capacity, flexibility and convenience and excellent performance, it has become a powerful assistant in many industrial fields.

    Production process

    The 38-ton crawler knuckle-arm crane is a heavy-duty hoisting equipment that uses a crawler-type traveling mechanism and a knuckle-type boom. It has strong lifting capacity, with a maximum lifting capacity of 38 tons, which can meet the lifting needs in complex environments such as large projects, mines, and ports. At the same time, its unique folding arm design allows it to work flexibly in narrow spaces, improving work efficiency.
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    Chassis configuration

    The 8-ton truck-mounted crane adopts a special chassis for truck-mounted cranes, a Yuchai 180-horsepower engine, national V emission standards, and a Shaanxi gear 8-speed gearbox with high and low gears.

    300mm three-layer straight-through girder, front axle 5.5 tons, rear axle 11.5 tons, whole vehicle 10.00 steel wire tires, wheelbase 5100mm, cargo box standard can be 5.8 meters, 6.1 meters, Optional manual telescopic or hydraulic telescopic, with directional power assist, original power take-off, driving recorder, remote control throttle, lower protection, ABS anti-lock braking system, air cutoff braking system


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    Crane configuration

    The 8-ton truck-mounted crane can be equipped with 6.3-ton, 8-ton, and 10-ton cranes, with 360-degree full rotation operation. It comes standard with front hydraulic outriggers, and can be equipped with additional hydraulic rear outriggers and high-altitude seats.

    The working radius of the four-section arm of the 6.3-ton truck-mounted crane is 11.5 meters, the lifting height is 12.8 meters, the non-extended arm length is 4.2 meters, and the fully extended arm length is 11 meters.

    The horizontal lifting parameters are: the boom extends 11 meters and can lift 600kg. The 10-meter lifting capacity is 1,000kg, the 7.19-meter lifting capacity is 1,600kg, the 4.37-meter lifting capacity is 2,600kg, and the 2.5-meter lifting capacity is 6,300kg.

    The working radius of the 8-ton truck-mounted crane with four arms is 13.5 meters, the lifting height is 15.5 meters, the unextended arm length is 5.4 meters, and the fully extended arm length is 13.5 meters.

    The lifting parameters in the horizontal direction are: 500kg with a boom extension of 13.5 meters, 1100kg with a 11.5-meter extension, 2500kg with a 7-meter extension, and 8000kg with a 2.5-meter extension.

    Product advantages

    1. The 1.8-ton truck-mounted crane adopts a special chassis, a four-point suspended cab, a 300mm three-layer frame, and can be equipped with a maximum crane of 10 tons;

    2. Dongfeng 8-ton truck-mounted crane adopts hexagonal boom technology, which has good neutrality and strong cross-sectional bending resistance;

    3. The crane has a compact structure, reasonable design, and takes up little space;

    ​4. The unique floating three-point bridge structure design effectively reduces the additional stress on the chassis girder when the vehicle is driving;

    5. Equipped with a standard anti-over-rolling alarm device to prevent damage to the wire rope from over-rolling and ensure operational safety.

    The new 8-ton truck-mounted crane has a cargo box that can reach 6.5 meters.

    The 8-ton truck-mounted crane chassis supports optional "Dongfeng, SAIC, SINOTRUK, Isuzu" and is equipped with a Yuchai 180-horsepower engine with a relatively low speed compared to Cummins.

    Suitable for climbing and walking on mountain roads, Shaanxi gear 8-speed gearbox, reasonable gear distribution, flexible shifting, front axle 5.5 tons, rear axle 11.5 tons, whole vehicle 10.00 steel wire tires, with ABS, directional power assist, air-cut braking system ,

    The upper loading container can be 6.5 meters long. The girder uses a 300mm double-layered and partially three-layered reinforced special girder. Its load-bearing capacity and compression resistance are stronger than ordinary girders. The position of the partial three-layered girder is specially used to install the crane. , which can effectively prevent the beam from deforming when the crane is lifting.

    Dongfeng chassis is generally equipped with a 5-ton, 6.3-ton or 8-ton truck-mounted crane with 360-degree full rotation operation. The picture on the left shows an 8-ton XCMG truck-mounted crane with 360-degree full rotation.

    Outrigger span is 2280-5580 (kg)

    The high-altitude seat is an additional part of the truck-mounted crane. Generally, the operation of the truck-mounted crane is performed on the ground and can be operated from both left and right sides. Such operation will create a blind spot in the viewing angle, making it impossible to see the environmental conditions on the other side. With the addition of a high-altitude seat, high-altitude operations have a wider and clearer field of vision, which reduces blind spots in the viewing angle. You can gain insight into the surrounding lifting conditions at any time, and your work efficiency will be higher.

    The product supports customization. For more sizes, please contact your local dealer or salesperson for detailed information.


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