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80-ton truck knuckle-boom crane, flexible operation and customizable

Jiubang folding arm crane has the characteristics of large lifting capacity, high operating height, and can adapt to different environments. It mainly performs lifting by extending multiple hydraulic cylinders, similar to the device of an articulated arm manipulator, so it can be equipped with various auxiliary tools, such as empty work platforms, work buckets, clamps, hanging baskets, plate forks, various grabbers, Augers, tire installation manipulators, pile pullers, etc. to meet the needs of different working scenarios. The folding arm of the knuckle arm crane can be retracted when transporting goods and takes up relatively little space. Therefore, it is also suitable for use in relatively small working environments such as factory warehouses.

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    HSJBZ2400 folding arm crane is an efficient and flexible lifting equipment. Its structural design has the characteristics of telescopicity, mechanical arm design, segmented design, lightweight design and intelligent control. It can meet the needs of different working scenes and has multi-directional movement. Advantages, operation is more convenient, and work efficiency and safety are improved. In terms of manufacturing process, high-strength steel and high-quality mechanical components are used to ensure that the equipment has sufficient strength and stability. Its manufacturing process strictly follows engineering design and safety standards to ensure high precision and high quality in all aspects. At the same time, advanced production technology and strict quality control systems also ensure the reliability and durability of knuckle boom cranes.

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    From the perspective of application scenarios, the fully folding arm is more flexible and is widely used in many fields, such as lifting concrete slabs, components, steel bars and other materials, or loading and unloading large goods and containers, which can greatly improve construction and loading and unloading efficiency. In construction, knuckle-boom cranes can be used to lift concrete slabs, components, steel bars and other materials. In highway maintenance, maintenance work can be easily carried out on bridges, tunnels, squares and other places to avoid road blockades and traffic congestion. In addition, knuckle arm cranes are also suitable for port loading and unloading, industrial production, electric power, steel, petrochemicals, mining and other industries to complete tasks such as heavy machinery handling, hydraulic pipeline installation and maintenance, large cargo and container loading and unloading.

    Jiubang folding arm lifting transport trucks play an important role in engineering construction, logistics and transportation and other fields with their excellent manufacturing technology and wide range of application scenarios.

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