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CN-60 fully automatic logging machine

CN-60 fully automatic logging machine head with large diameter and fast speed is a must-have for forest farms and supports customization.

Jiubang fully automatic felling machine is a kind of mechanical equipment specially used for felling trees. It mainly consists of several parts such as tree felling machine, tree felling machine, wood cutter, sawmill and conveyor belt. By using powerful power and Sharp cutting tools to cut through trees. Its working principle is that the engine provides powerful power, and the transmission system converts it into rotational force, causing the saw blade to continuously rotate, thereby achieving fully automatic cutting and processing of trees. The fully automatic felling machine has many product advantages, such as central hydraulic operation, free cutting, smooth cutting and low noise, quick removal of side branches and small branches, wear-resistant roller crawling and long service life, high-strength alloy chain cutting faster, etc. .


    Compared with traditional logging methods, fully automatic felling machines greatly improve work efficiency and safety, reduce manual labor intensity, and also reduce the damage to the environment caused by tree felling. However, the use of a fully automatic felling machine also requires professional operating skills and precautions to ensure its normal operation and safe operation.

    Jiubang fully automatic logging is designed to simplify operations, increase efficiency and ensure operational safety. It combines advanced mechanical technology and electronic technology to achieve functions such as one-click start, automatic positioning, and precise cutting. Dennis and Parker hydraulic components are durable and precise. Used in conjunction with an excavator, trees can be felled quickly and accurately, greatly improving the efficiency of logging operations.

    The one-button operation function makes the fully automatic felling machine head more convenient to use. The operator only needs to press the corresponding button through the excavator's control system to start felling wood and start the operation. There is no need for complicated operations and adjustments during the entire process, which greatly reduces the difficulty of operation and improves work efficiency.


    At the same time, the design also takes into account the characteristics of different trees and the operating environment, and can be adjusted and optimized according to the actual situation to ensure the smooth progress of forest farm operations. As a kind of intelligent and efficient forestry equipment, fully automatic felling machine equipment is gradually favored by more and more loggers and forestry owners. It not only improves the efficiency and quality of logging operations, but also reduces personnel injuries, operating difficulty and labor intensity, making a positive contribution to forestry production and environmental protection.


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