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Forestry Equipment


CN-60 fully automatic logging machine


CN-60 fully automatic logging machine head with large diameter and fast speed is a must-have for forest farms and supports customization.

Jiubang fully automatic felling machine is a kind of mechanical equipment specially used for felling trees. It mainly consists of several parts such as tree felling machine, tree felling machine, wood cutter, sawmill and conveyor belt. By using powerful power and Sharp cutting tools to cut through trees. Its working principle is that the engine provides powerful power, and the transmission system converts it into rotational force, causing the saw blade to continuously rotate, thereby achieving fully automatic cutting and processing of trees. The fully automatic felling machine has many product advantages, such as central hydraulic operation, free cutting, smooth cutting and low noise, quick removal of side branches and small branches, wear-resistant roller crawling and long service life, high-strength alloy chain cutting faster, etc. .

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