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JB31-25 concrete laser screed machine factory

This equipment is in a brand-new condition and features an array of impressive specifications.

    Product Introduction

    This equipment is in a brand-new condition and features an array of impressive specifications.

    The productivity of the JB31-25 is an outstanding 240 square meters per hour, ensuring efficient and timely work completion. It has a feeding height of 1400 millimeters and a vibrating amplitude ranging from 60 to 300 millimeters, allowing for precise and effective operations.

    Certified under ISO9001:2000, it guarantees high quality and reliability. The color of the machine is a clean and professional white. Weighing 1000 kilograms, it is sturdily built. The transport package is a secure wooden box, ensuring safe delivery.

    The specific dimensions of the JB31-25 are 3300 by 3460 by 1650 millimeters. With the trusted trademark of Jiubang and its origin in China, you can expect top-notch performance and durability. This equipment is designed to meet the demands of various construction and industrial applications. Whether for large-scale projects or specific tasks, the JB31-25 is a reliable choice that combines efficiency, quality, and functionality. It is ready to take on any challenges and contribute to the success of your operations, providing a valuable asset for your business or project needs.

    In addition to the above parameters, the equipment may also have the following advantages:

    1. **Easy to operate and maintain**: It has a humanized design and a simple and clear operation interface, which is convenient for staff to quickly get started. At the same time, maintenance is relatively simple, reducing the cost of use.
    2. **High stability**: With its reasonable structural design and high-quality materials, it can maintain good stability during operation and reduce the probability of failure.
    3. **Adapt to various working conditions**: It can adapt to different working environments and site conditions, and can play a good role whether on flat ground or complex terrain.
    4. **Low noise operation**: It adopts advanced noise reduction technology, which generates less noise during work and reduces interference with the surrounding environment.
    5. **Energy saving and environmental protection**: It focuses on the efficient use of energy in design, and may have some energy-saving modes or technologies, which are more environmentally friendly.
    6. **Customization potential**: It can be customized to a certain extent according to the special needs of customers to better meet personalized application scenarios.
    7. **Excellent after-sales service**: The manufacturer provides timely, professional and comprehensive after-sales service, so that users can use it without worries.
    8. **Higher degree of intelligence**: May be equipped with an intelligent monitoring system to monitor the operating status of the equipment in real time and provide early warning of potential problems.


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