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JB35-30 fully automatic four-wheel hydraulic concrete floor laser leveling machine supports customized factory sales

The leveling of the laser leveling machine does not require pulling control lines, nor does it require side templates to control the ground elevation. It is controlled in real time by the laser measurement and control system on the leveling machine. As long as the laser transmitter is not disturbed, no matter where the leveling machine moves, It can ensure that the overall elevation of the paved ground is not affected, thereby achieving high-precision and rapid leveling of concrete. This equipment is widely used in construction, roads, airports and other fields. It can be used for the construction of the cushion, ground, roadbed and other areas of the building foundation. It can also be used for the construction of the pavement base, cushion, roadbed, runway, apron, taxiway and other areas.

    Product Description

    Laser leveling machines offer significant advantages over traditional manual leveling methods. Adopt machine construction process: first find the elevation through the reference point, and adjust the laser transmitter to control the elevation. Then pour the concrete directly, and the machine will scrape, lift, and compact it all at once. Achieve large-area paving. It greatly saves manpower investment and improves construction efficiency, easily covering 4,000 square meters every day. Secondly, the laser leveling machine can save infrastructure investment and shorten the construction cycle, because it reduces the construction processes such as support formwork and channel steel, and speeds up the construction progress. The leveling error of the laser leveling machine is extremely small. The German laser receiver has a large-area construction error of less than 3 mm, ensuring that the overall elevation of the paved floor is not affected. At the same time, the maximum construction thickness is 300mm, and three construction surfaces are supported (flat, inclined, and double slope). The device has fewer buttons and the hinged console is more convenient to use and easier for operators to operate.
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    The equipment features a folding lift beam that reduces width during transport while also providing easier access to a variety of job sites. The offset machine head reduces the overlap area for each leveling operation. Powerful optional engines bring you endless power.


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