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The Concrete Laser Screed is a remarkable piece of equipment with several outstanding features.

    Jiubang Group's concrete laser leveling machine is a device with the advantages of high efficiency, precision, and labor saving.

    The model of this device is JB60-40, with a vibration frequency of 60Hz and an exciting force of 3000N, which can effectively improve the density and surface flatness of concrete. It uses the Yanmar 4TNV98T engine with a power of 63KW, with the characteristics of 4 strokes and 4 cylinders, and also uses water-cooled diesel technology to ensure the efficient operation and stability of the equipment.

    In terms of the laser system, the device uses Trimble brand laser transmitters and receivers, as well as a microcomputer laser scanning control system, which can achieve high-precision automatic leveling functions and improve construction quality and efficiency. At the same time, the device also has an SLS automatic leveling system, which can monitor and adjust the flatness of concrete in real time during construction to ensure construction quality.

    In addition, the device has many advantages. For example, its leveling width is 4M and its working speed is 24/min, which can meet different construction needs; its telescopic arm length is 6M, which can cover a larger construction range; its tires use solid anti-puncture and anti-skid tires, which improves the stability and safety of the equipment; its operation is simple and convenient, which can reduce the labor intensity of construction workers.

    In short, Jiubang Group's concrete laser leveling machine is an excellent performance and reliable quality equipment, which can bring better construction experience and economic benefits to users.

    Product Introduction

    Name Concrete Laser Screed Excitation Force 3000N
    Type JB60-40 Vibration Frequency 60HZ
    Engine Type YANMAR  4TNV98T Laser System Trimble brand
    Characteristic 4 Stroke,4 Cylinder Laser Control System Microcomputer laser scanning
      Water-cooled Diesel Applicable Scope Flat Surface ,Slope ,Double Slope
    Cooling System Closed Cooling Liquid Configuration Laser Emitter & receiver, Tripod
    Power 63KW/ 2500rpm Drive type Full Hydraulic Drive
    Fuel consumption <=254g/kw.h Soft  Landing Soft Landing System
    Fuel Diesel Mini Turning Radius 2.9M
    Fuel Tank Volume 140L Cooling Liquid Tank 200L
    Engine Oil Volume 8.9-10.6L Tyre Solid puncture-proof &antiskid tyre
    Leveling system SLS  (self leveling system) Walking Speed 0-8KM/H  (Double speeds switch)
    Screed Width 4M Working Speed 24/Min
    Telescopic Boom 6M Long,  360° Rotation Speed Control Stepless Speed Change.
    Screed Swing Angle 120° Turning 2 Wheel/4Wheel/ Crab Turning.
    Paving Mode Hydraulic Screw Conveyor Paving Clean machine Self configuration of machine
    Paving Thickness 100-500MM Theoretical Flow 15L/min.
    Leveling Precision 1.5mm Rated Pressure 150BAR
    Vibrating System Hydraulic Eccentric Vibrating Beam Outline Dimension 5495*4555*2630 mm
    Configuration Laser Emitter & Receiver, Tripod. Net Weight 8500Kgs


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