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Jiubang Group Joins Hands With Jiangling Motors "Grasp the trend, create the future together"

2023-09-28 15:19:28

In a highly anticipated event, Jiubang Group and Jiangling Motors have come together in a strategic alliance to give birth to a new generation of aerial work. On the momentous day of the launch, we warmly invite all to gather and bear witness to this extraordinary occasion, marking a remarkable juncture in the world of aerial work equipment.

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new product represents not only a significant breakthrough in the domains of technological innovation and industrial manufacturing but also offers our valued customers yet another reliable and trustworthy engineering solution. By joining forces, Jiubang Group and Jiangling Motors aim to establish a new era of premier brands in the industry.

On the same day, the launch of this revolutionary construction machinery will be accompanied by a concurrent industry event. We sincerely and wholeheartedly extend our invitation to you to actively participate and contribute to the prosperity and development of this sector.

The overarching theme of this gathering is "Grasp the trend, create the future together". We will zero in on the development of the construction machinery industry, delving deep into market trends, technological progress, and other crucial aspects through in-depth discussions. To enrich the content of this event further, we have meticulously arranged for industry experts to deliver keynote speeches and engage in panel discussions, ensuring that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry dynamics and cutting-edge technology.

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Simultaneously, we earnestly entreat you to share your valuable suggestions and comments after the event. Such feedback will enable us to continuously enhance and refine future exchange meetings, ensuring they better meet your expectations and the evolving needs of the industry.

We firmly believe that through this collaborative effort and your active participation, we will undoubtedly chart a new course and reach new heights in the field . Let us come together and shape the future!