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Jiubang Heavy Industry and Eastern European customers reached cooperation on site

2023-05-16 00:00:00

On May 16, 2023, the Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition was very lively, and many domestic and foreign aerial work vehicle manufacturers and professionals gathered, becoming a display platform for the latest products and cutting-edge technological achievements in the field of aerial work vehicles.

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Many innovative exhibits of Jiubang Heavy Industry attracted the attention of the exhibitors. The 56-meter aerial work vehicle was demonstrated on site, and Eastern European customers signed a cooperation agreement directly on site after inspection.

What is more striking is that Eastern European dealers seized the opportunity and signed a number of cooperation agreements during the exhibition to expand their business scope. These strategic signings will bring broader market opportunities and development space to the entire aerial work vehicle industry.

The newly signed Eastern European dealers are full of confidence in the performance and future prospects of aerial work vehicles. They are eager to work closely with manufacturers to jointly promote the development and innovation of the industry.

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The participation in the Changsha International Trade Fair is an important milestone in the aerial work vehicle industry, vividly demonstrating the inherent vitality and potential of the industry. Jiubang Heavy Industry will continue to work tirelessly on technological innovation and quality improvement to provide safer and more efficient solutions for professionals in different fields such as construction, maintenance and cleaning.

Through the great success of this exhibition and the signing ceremony on site, the aerial work vehicle industry not only demonstrated its strong development capabilities, but also its good future potential. This event undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for the future growth and innovation of the industry, and opened up new horizons and possibilities for the industry in the coming years.

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