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SD22 High-Power Bulldozer Stable Performance Universal Accessories

SD22 bulldozer is a hydraulic transmission bulldozer with leading technology. This product inherits more than 30 years of bulldozer production experience, with excellent quality, stable and reliable performance.

    Basic Info

    Model NO. SD22
    Engine Power 147~515kw
    Certification CE, ISO9001: 2000
    Condition New
    Color Yellow
    Rated Speed 1800rmp
    Specification 6027x3000x3400mm
    Trademark JOBANG
    Origin China
    Production Capacity 100

    SD22 bulldozer is a hydraulic transmission bulldozer with leading technology. This product inherits more than 30 years of bulldozer production experience, with excellent quality, stable and reliable performance.

    SD22 bulldozer is mainly suitable for pushing, excavating, backfilling earth and stone and other bulk material operations on roads, railways, airports and other grounds. It is an indispensable mechanical equipment for national defense projects, urban and rural roads and other construction and water conservancy construction.

    The power system of this bulldozer is equipped with WP12/QSNT-C235 electronic control engine, which meets the national non-road machinery National III stage emission requirements, with strong power, high efficiency and energy saving, and low maintenance cost. Its torque reserve coefficient is large, the rated power reaches 175kW, and the radial seal intake system is adopted, which effectively improves the service life of the engine.

    The transmission system perfectly matches the engine curve, with a wider high-efficiency zone and higher transmission efficiency. Shantui's self-made transmission system has been tested by the market for a long time, with stable performance and reliable quality.

    The main features of the SD22 bulldozer include:
    - **Efficient and energy-saving**: The use of advanced power system and transmission system improves the working efficiency of the bulldozer and reduces energy consumption.
    - **Stable and reliable**: Inheriting many years of production experience, it has excellent quality, stable and reliable performance, and can work normally in various harsh environments.
    - **Easy to operate**: The driving seat and armrests can be easily adjusted up and down, forward and backward, and the speed change, steering and throttle controls are placed on the left, and the working device controls are placed on the right, making the operation process more convenient and flexible, reducing fatigue.
    - **Strong adaptability**: The standard straight-tilt bulldozer has strong cutting force and can cope with various difficult working environments. The large single-tooth ripper has an adjustable entry angle and can be used to loosen soil layers such as clay and frozen soil, and can also be used to strip harder working surfaces such as gravel and compacted salt mines.
    Giving you unprecedented power and reliability. This engine stands out in its class and is known for its efficient fuel economy, strong torque output and low fuel consumption, giving you excellent overall fluid efficiency. Whether it is long-distance transportation or heavy-duty operations, it can easily handle it, ensuring that your vehicle can operate stably and efficiently under various working conditions.
    Coupled with a highly reliable power shift gearbox, a stable hydraulic torque converter and a main reducer with a two-stage spur-tooth structure, the engine can efficiently transmit power and ensure smooth and continuous power output. This configuration not only improves the acceleration performance of the vehicle, but also makes the driving more stable and reduces the occurrence of mechanical failures.

    Jiubang bulldozers also have automatic fault diagnosis and full-process monitoring functions, allowing drivers to understand the operating status of the equipment at any time and discover and solve potential problems in a timely manner. The integrally cast instrument panel integrates air conditioning, electrical appliances and instruments. It is luxuriously designed, convenient and practical, and provides a good working environment for the driver.

    The driver's seat and armrests designed according to ergonomics can be adjusted up and down. The transmission, steering, and throttle are placed on the left side. The soft shaft structure is used to enable the driver to maintain a comfortable posture during operation and reduce the discomfort caused by long-term driving. feeling of fatigue. The working device is operated on the right side, and the servo control system makes the operation process more portable and flexible, improving work efficiency.


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